How to become a Project Manager in Web 3.0 space?

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While Blockchains are mostly associated bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, more Web 3.0 companies – the next generation internet companies are looking for project management capabilities. Project Managers are responsible for managing piece of work from Idea to Project closure. PM manages projects (i.e., pieces of work) from start to end.The 5 basic phases in the project management process are:

  • Project Initiation
  • Project Planning
  • Project Execution
  • Project Monitoring and Controlling
  • Project Closing
One of the most crucial important phases in the blockchain development cycle is the project initiation stage. In this stage, there will be project managers, clients, developers, and stakeholders. Project Managers are responsible for outlining the objective of the project, purpose, and the road map of the blockchain project to all the stakeholders. The team management falls under the purview of the blockchain project manager. You will primarily work on the project's token economy, processing systems, and database infrastructure with the team. You will oversee the entire blockchain infrastructure process if the project is not built on a token economy. The primary responsibilities of a blockchain project manager include resource reporting and monitoring, overseeing security protocols, transaction management systems, and implementing any unique features. Therefore, there will always be a need for a blockchain project manager.Apart from regular Project Management skills, to become a successful Web 3.0 PM, he/she must hone skills like:
  • How does blockchain work?
  • How does it different from other technical databases?
  • When to use blockchain and when not to use blockchain?
  • Use cases of Blockchain?
  • When to use public blockchain and when to use private blockchain?
  • Tokenomics are required for this use case or not required for this use case.
  • How blockchain aligns with my business objectives
  • Does it make sense to investigate blockchain?
  • What is my go-forward plan?
  • What does a good use case look like?
  • How can use cases be score carded and prioritized?
  • To build Proof of Concept
  • Designing and building a PoC
  • Considerations for a production release
Some of the common Project Management skills are:Budgeting
Agile project management
Waterfall project management
Stake holder management
Team resource management
Change management

Working with PM Software Tools
To become a project manager, you must nevertheless, acquire a variety of abilities. We at IDS offers wide variety of Blockchain Courses for the working professionals as well as for students. For the learners, we offer in-aligned courses like Certified Blockchain Developers Course, Certified Ethereum Developers Course, Certified Hyperledger Developers Course.By this, anyone could land on dream job Project Management in web 3.0 companies. There are multiple roles available as an entry level PM like Project coordinator, Operations coordinator, Associate project manager and Junior project manager. One can also join as an intern in any of the Web 3.0 start-up to embark their journey.The other way to become Project Manager is by gaining experience in the blockchain domain. As a career growth, working for a long time as a developer or as a business analyst in this domain, anyone can climb up to role of Project Manager.

Pawan Manuwada
Project Manager at IDS

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